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  • Fluoro Polymer
  • Poly Amide Coatings
  • PEEK Coating

Benefits of Surface coatings

  • Non Stick
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Non wetting
  • Heat resistance
  • Unique electrical properties
  • Cryogenic stability
  • Chemical resistance


Our Products

Inkjet printing Technology

Introduction: Inkjet Printing Technology is also known as Spray printing technology. An Inkjet printer has a print head that has many micron-sized nozzles. Ink is sprayed out of these nozzles in the form of dots. These micron sized dots combine together to form the image.

Economies of Inkjet printers:

1 ml ink = 4 x A4 size photo printouts

Therefore, according to the above ratio, one A4 size full colour printout from our Ink system will cost you approx. 40p.

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Fuser Film Sleeves for Laser Printers

Introduction of Sleeve : To fix the toner on the paper, the toner must be fused by heating and be fixed by applying pressure from the fuser unit. Fuser Film Sleeve is the substitute of Fuser Roller that eliminates power loss and makes possible both energy savings and zero warm-up time

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Upper Fuser Roller

Introduction : The fuser roller contains a heating element with an output of approximately 1.5kW. This cycles on and off as required and is controlled by a thermistor which is in contact with the covering on the roller. This creates significant wear and damage. In addition, the rolls are subjected to a load of approximately 100kg over the face length to create a nip approximately 5mm wide, which allows time for the fusing process to take place.

We are one of the oldest and largest Fuser Roller Manufacturers in the country with an experience of over 2 decades. The Fuser rollers made by us are accurate in all respects, at very affordable prices.

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