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  • Fluoro Polymer
  • Poly Amide Coatings
  • PEEK Coating

Benefits of Surface coatings

  • Non Stick
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Non wetting
  • Heat resistance
  • Unique electrical properties
  • Cryogenic stability
  • Chemical resistance


Wonders of surface coatings by speciality polymers

Surface coatings by polymers can do wonders as they change the surface properties of the substrate such as metal, glass, wood, plastic etc. to that of the Polymers or combination of the polymers with which they are coated. At the same time user can have advantage of the material of substrate such as LOW COST, EASE OF FORMATION AND STRENGTH ETC.

Initially the surfaces were coated to give aesthetically good look and weather resistance to the components. But now the surfaces are coated for specific requirements i.e. to change or modify the surface properties of the components such as

 To impart NON STICK Properties

 To lower water absorption and vapour permeability.

 To alter electrical properties and dielectric Strength.

 To improve resistance to

                 a) Abrasion      
                 b) Radiation     
                 c) High Temperature

 To extend application life.

 To improve mechanical strength, elasticity and surface hardness.

 To alter thermal conductivity.

 To save surface from Fouling

 To increase lubricity

 To reduce system cost.

For some components the surface coatings are so important that the parts and machine can not work without the coating. The spoiled coating of a small component or part can render the entire machine useless e.g. Fuser Rollers of office equipments. If the coating of the office equipment is spoiled the equipments such as copier and printers stop working.

Non-Stick/PTFE/PFA/FEP Coatings


Nylon Poly Amide Coatings


PEEK Coatings


A fluoropolymer (FP) is a fluorocarbon based polymer with multiple strong carbon–fluorine bonds. It is characterized by a high resistance to solvents, acids, and bases...


Polyamide 12 has the lowest amide group concentration of all commercially available polyamides, giving it the lowest moisture absorption and largest ...


PEEK Coating delivers resistance to high temperatures, exceptional scratch and wear resistance, high strength and durability. Whether applied to industrial, oil and gas,...


Few examples of the Products and Components which are coated for want of specific surface properties are:-

S No.


Purpose/ Advantage

1. Chemical Processing and  Transport Tanks         Chemical resistance and ease of cleaning
2. Fuser Rollers Prevent Toner from Sticking on heated surface.
3. Filter Being hydrophobic, it filters out water. Helps in separation of water from hydrocarbons.
4. Heater body Reduces sticking of hot melt adhesive, plastic, polyethylene etc.
5. Moulds Prevent products from sticking to moulds.
6. Gaskets Make Gaskets more durable & effective.
7. Conveyor Belts Provide Non-stick surface which help to maintain hygiene.
8. Paper Feed Guide Prevent paper from jamming and facilitate easy paper passage.
9. Textile Rollers Provides non-stick properties and corrosion resistance.
10. Fasteners Prevent Jamming.
11. Sealing/Punches/Heaters Reduce sticking of melted material.
12. Valves Prevent corrosion, salt deposit and jamming of movable parts.
13. Mixing Tanks Provides corrosion resistance and helps uniform mixing.
14. Blades/Knives Provide longer Blade life and prevent sticking.


And many more…