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Importance of Surface Coatings for Food Processing Industry

non stick coating service on industrial bakeware

Non-stick and low friction coatings play a vital role right across the food processing industry and their use provides a substantial benefit in terms of product quality, efficiency and speed of manufacturing. Some of the items that benefit from our coatings are: Sweet Moulds Baking Tins Griddle Plates Cutting & Slicing Blades Hoppers Chutes Augers […]

List of Products and Components Coated for Specific Surface Properties

non stick coating service on candy die

Surface coatings by polymers can do wonders as they change the surface properties of the substrate such as metal, glass, wood, plastic etc. to that of the Polymers or combination of the polymers with which they are coated. At the same time user can have advantage of the material of substrate such as Low Cost, […]

What are Fluoropolymers?

Fluoropolymers surface coatings in noida rcs impex

Fluoropolymers (FP) are fluorocarbon based polymers with multiple strong carbon–fluorine bonds. They are characterized by a high resistance to solvents, acids, and bases. Fluoropolymers share the properties of fluorocarbons in that they are not as susceptible to the van der Waals force as hydrocarbons. This contributes to their non-stick and friction reducing properties. Also, they […]

What are PVDF Industrial Coatings?

pvdf industrial coatings

PVDF coatings are one of the most widely recognized kinds of modern coatings being used today. This sort of coating is made by polymerizing vinylidenedifluoride. It’s a forte plastic that has a place with the group of fluoropolymers and is utilized in applications that require significant levels of immaculateness and quality, just as those that […]